Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What we should have done By, S. Steve

Should have gone back to Brigantine.

Sometimes Before Fishing:
        Have a hangover, spill coffee, load boats, leave, go back, road crews, lane closures, gas pumps on the wrong side, people in lines and standing around buses, by-standing around bent fenders in flip flops on-looking, cops direct, ice melts, hoagies not ready. Slow lane is the fast lane. BRAKES! What's that noise? What's that SMELL?! 2 hours to get there, 3 hours to get there. One hour, at night, but it's day-time, it's summertime, 4 day weekend party time, miss your turns, back into a pole. Don't run over a turtle! The red light stops you by the crabbing/fishing bridge, by the NO CRABBING/NO FISHING sign, the light stays red a long, long time, or maybe it's just you're almost, almost there.

To the lady on the bridge: "How is it?"
The lady: "Terrible!"

Your cheese hoagie is soggy, and melting. You didn't bring a towel.

Never coming back here again.

      Tie eight knots once, and three knots twice, launch, land, launch again. 

To Someone: "Which way is the current going?"
The Someone: "I don't know."
       Bucktail hits bottom. Weeds. Now you are fishing. Zap a snapper. Drift live bait. Troll live bait. float, paddle, peddle, puddle, poodle. pool noodle.

People Always Ask If I've Been Fishing...

      Bad drifts, weeds, dirty water, wind against tide. Hook a big shark in the inlet, the line breaks, light line, flounder fishing. Only catching snapper blues. Plenty of them. That's something, last ditch dinner... Last time, you had a towel...

Last time.

      Didn't get skunked (only caught 4 inch snapper blues.. did you even get a picture??), didn't lose anything ( a hook, a rig, patience, temper, temperance).
Might be a good time to go back to fishing at night....

Should have gone to Stone Harbor.

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