Wednesday, May 27, 2020

South Jersey, Late May report 2020

The birds are in full nesting mode.

short Fluke
On the water, the fog can roll in fast.

Fog Bank Rolling in
The sun sets and it's a new moon, or just a sliver.

Bridges disappear, and re-appear.

KGB: fog bank upon us
Sod-banks take on new significance.  

Before they fade away completely they act as a guide.

Except that it's high tide in the dark of the moonless night and the fog, when land and water interconnect is deceptive ways.

The plan is adapted.  Amended.  Abridged.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

South Jersey Weakfish Effort, May 2020

In fishing, choices have to be made. The biggest and first choice is often what species to target.  This spring I will give at least a handful of trips over to targeting Weakfish in South Jersey.  Most likely what you will see here will be the by-catch. 

short striper

Steve and I have logged in a few trips in the back bays and have managed several stripers between us, but no weakfish to date.  This spring has been exceptionally cold, so, we have a sufficient and likely excuse for our failure.