Saturday, December 3, 2011

This was or home Thursday night.

Two at 20"

Here are the two bass I caught on Friday dec 2, 2011 from in front of the Kent Narrows Yacht club in Kent Island Md. Steve and I had already been fishing one night, and most of the day. We were using Eels mostly. but as you can see, there is a Zara spook in my cup holder. There was a little bit of top water activity right around sunset, and I couldn't resist throwing that lure as I've had success with it and small bass in the sedges at IBSP. Steve had caught a 24' bass on eel earlier when I was wandering, drifting in the current. These two fish were caught with Berkely Powerbait mullet and a small jig head. One was before sunset, and one during. Dare I say sometimes eels don't work?
When fishing in the dark, usually you have to nap during the day. This is the mid-day nap scenery.

December kayak fishing in The chesapeake

When we woke up there was frost on our boats.

Kent narrows Rockfish

Thursday evening around 7 p.m. this 30" Rockfish connected with my Eel. I'm going to guess it's about 12 lb.. This was the only fish Thursday night. We went and camped on a piece of uninhabited land and ate the fish.

Fishing Kent Island Narrows

Kent Narrows during the day, and at night...

Kent Narrows Bridge

The Boats

Kent Narrows, Md

Here's where we decided to put in. The fees and fines are clearly listed, however, they make paying tricky. There is the possibility that the parking area under the bridge is free, this is unclear. If you do pay, you have to go to one of several locations, none of which are nearby (or can be found if you're not from there.)