Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Big fish game has been a No fish game this Spring, by Alexi

The short story of two trips in May.  The first at the beginning of the month, and the second at the end.

First trip:

Fisherman's Island, at the southern tip of the DelMarVa peninsula.

We were hunting for bull reds in the vicinity of the shoals.  This was a three day trip, full long Johns crew: KGB, Perchman and myself.

3 boats
Day 1 was windier than expected.  We didn't even make it to Mockhorn Island to camp, so we just set up where we could. 

setting up camp

Day 2 was nicer, but still no fish.

KGB had found a spot to chill (and a soccer ball not pictured)
Day 3 was windy again.
But as we were about to stop fishing and pull up to the launch, Steve said, "I have 100% confidence in this cast".....
A FISH!!!!
It was not a big fish.  So the three day epic trip ended with a Hail Mary cast for tiny Striper, and  saved the trip.

End of May: Out front for big Stripers.


in front of Island Beach Motor Lodge

We launch into calm seas, and reports of (some) bunker and (some) big fish.  

3 mile Castro
We paddle out to the three mile line.  we paddle back.  We snag Bunker.  We see small schools of Stripers.  We see tons of boats trolling.  We hear of very few fish caught on the radio, and we get skunked.

A bit rough at low tide

The end

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 1, 2018, "Never going back to Raritan", By Alexi

Well, maybe not until the fall.

"I've got a tide chart"


Wind and current and tide and a full moon, all pulling us out to sea.  It's OK, that's where the fish are.

According to the boat ramp intel, the fish are by the Navy pier.  (Basically to Sandy Hook from Keyport)

We're doing a good 4-5 mph troll without much effort.

Steve finally gets his Raritan keeper.

Raritan bay Striper
The bite is all in water over 15 feet.

I get a total of 3, 29-34"

Raritan Striper

Stripers of Raritan in May

The paddle back is pretty brutal.  We didn't stay quite long enough for the tide to switch.

 Omar needed to be fed.

The end