Monday, May 8, 2017

The Bluefish have arrived, Alexi


The bluefish have arrived along the east coast.  From Long Island, NY to Rudee Inlet in VA I'm hearing reports of monster bluefish in the back bays.  It was windy, and conditions were tough, but we managed to slay a few ourselves in Raritan Bay.

one of many

As easy as it is to hook into a bluefish, it is in fact equally hard to land one in the kayak.

bluefish on, tube-n-worm trolling

Officially, KGB was skunked.  Unofficially he hooked up with a million blues.

Steve with one of many
My technique after losing a few was several fold.  First off, I didn't care if the Blue got off (there were many).  Secondly, I just dragged them in green (yes this is pretty risky with big blues) and I'd grab the tube (it has a metal leader built in for those unfamiliar with the lure)  and just grab the fish from under the jaw.

Steve and I each saved two for the smoker.

The End