Saturday, January 19, 2013

Glossary of terms

So, I thought this might be useful for friends and family who really are clueless about the type of fishing that we do.  It's going to be an ongoing project which will continually be updated.  Any seasoned fishers reading this are welcome to make suggestions or corrections. We will link back to this page from our posts.   

lure - usually made of wood, metal, or plastic.  often but not always designed to look like live bait when  reeled.
bait - some form of sea creature attached to a hook.  (could include gulp products in this category, that's up for debate)
tube-n-worn (T&W) - a lure/ bait.  A surgical tube with metal through it, a hook on the end with a worm on the hook.
snappers - blue fish under 10" (?)
racers - skinny spring  bluefish 20" and up
gators - over 30" bluefish
cocktail - 10" to 20" bluefish
fluke - summer flounder
rockfish - striped bass
stripers - go figure
jighead - a hook with a weight attached where the line attaches to it.
Bucktail (BT) - a jighead with bucktail hairs (from the ass of a damn deer) attached to it.
jig-n-pig - a bucktail with a piece of pork rind (skin of a damn pig) on the hook.
dirty- often after a storm when the water clarity is low
clean - when the water clarity is high
out front - the surf, the beach
out back - the bay/ estuary (for old ladies)
bomber - a swimming plug (lure) perhaps the only lure necessasry
plug - a lure
teaser - a fly that is attached from a dropper loop in front of the main lure
conventional reel - a reel like a winch which cranks the line on directly.
spinning reel - a reel which changes the direction of the line as it winds it
braid - fishing line made from fibers, (string) lighter and stronger than monofiliament
mono - monofilament, a plastic based fishing line
fast snap - a paper clip type snap which is usually very strong that allows one to slip on and off different lures with ease.
metal - lures which are mostly metal, like hopkins, or kastmasters
kgb - the russian
trolling- using the boat to control the action of the lure
jigging - usually in a drift (moving slowly with the current) bounciing a lure just off of the bottom of the water.  Boring but effective.
popper - a lure which creates a splash and a blooping sound and shifts from left to right intended to look to a predator like an injured fish.  Probably the most exciting way to catch a fish.
swimmer - a lure which when reeled (or trolled) has a swimming action (left and right) of it's own.  the depth is usually determined by the lip.
ava - a skinny metal lure with a curly rubber tail
skunk - when nothing is caught
spooled - when a fish or boat or snag takes all of or most of your line off of your reel