Friday, February 27, 2015

top ten internet kayak/fishing videos

perchan and I sat down and drakk a couple of (hundred)  beers, and went through our correspondence oer the past year and came up with this best of youtube fishing videos.

1. wasp : Here's a guy who puts fishing in his heavy metal video.  How much more real does it get?

2. malasia : This guy doesn't catch a lot of fish (or any) but eats pretty well!

3. land tuna blood : For a Fish!

4. greenland : This is pretty cool.  A little more pro than a lot of our other choices for this list, but we think it's worth the list.  The dude catches a dinosaur.

5. go to 7:30 min slam down : O.K. this is the video that probably inspired this list in the first place.  If you can watch the whole thing that's cool, but really the sequence at 7:30 is da bomb!

6. triple dump : Another example of an epic trial for no reward.

#1 guys don't make it but really try : these guys get an A++++ for effort

These guys are cool.  They are having a good time.  it's inspiring.


Hobie pro angler is so awesome! (not) this has some great underwater footage.

Last and definitely least...