Friday, June 2, 2017

Return to the Sedges, by Alexi

     This is the latest into the fishing season that I've done my first Sedges trip.  I've been waiting for surf conditions to be good for an ocean launch, and for the bunker bite to be on, but it seems less and less likely as spring passes us by.  In an effort to get out and wet a line, KGB and I went to Sedges to stir up some bluefish and a possible bass.

2017 IBSP pass

     The fishing was slow, it took us a while to find the fish, and when we did the conditions weren't ideal.  It was just outside of snake ditch in the inlet where I landed my first bluefish.  The current was switching, the wind was against the tide, and the the water was rough.  Plus there are shoals there, so you never know when a standing wave will just pop up.

clouds rolling in
     We hung out in that area until completely annoyed, and then made a move around the outside of the Islands.  The wind really picked up, so we ducked back into some creeks and headed to snake ditch.  KGB caught a blue in Snake Ditch.  It seemed like things were going to pick up, but really that was it for the day for us.
KGB annoyed at the wind
We finished up the day at the flat in front of the launch, watching the old folks catch blues on poppers.
climb a hill, get a view
Someday soon, that will be us.