Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More of the same "Summer in the Sedges" shenanigans, by Alexi

      So I'm experimenting with using a gopro and final cut express, and this what I've come up with so far.  It's truly an experiment in the process of refinement (hopefully) so please hold your judgement on this one...... 

Fishing report: Lots of short fluke, a few bluefish, and more short bass

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

getting itchy for fall, report by Alexi

     I realize that last week I had no fish pictures, so this week I decided to try to photograph every fish that I caught.
    I missed a couple of fluke pictures because I had to release them quickly.  (When your drifting towards a boat or the shore or out the inlet to the ocean, sometimes the picture loses priority.)
     The bluefish were on crack cocaine, (If you've ever caught a 20" bluefish from a kayak you know what I mean) so I couldn't get them to sit still for a picture until after they were out of the frying pan.
    And the bass, well I realize now that had I been using a bass assassin at all I could have caught a million of them, but instead just had one appear for a quick psychedelic summer meeting at the side of my kayak.
    All I missed for my slam was the elusive weakfish, which I am confident now I will never catch.  However, technically I also caught about a 4" blackfish while trying to no avail to catch snappers for bait.  Does that count for anything?????

    My thoughts this week while fishing were mostly about how the fall can't come soon enough.  The fish are just plain bigger in the fall.  (Grumble grumble grumble)    My goal, as is probably true of most fisherman, is to find patterns that are reliable.  It seems, however, that like a growing child, each week at the sedges is a different story.  But once I have several years of records about specific spots, then watch out fish!!!!  Then I can adjust and tweak my tools to where it's like shooting fish in a barrel.  But would that really be fun?   Shooting fish in a barrel?  I mean, what is the point of that?  Anyway, lets not get too philosophical about this endeavor.  I went fishing.  I caught some fish.  Here are some pictures....

All of the fluke were around 15"  the bass was about about 20, and the blues were one to two pounds.

The Bluefish / aka crab-bait/ aka my lunch 

Land Fluke

Fluke 1



Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer in the Sedges, a report by Alexi

     Sometimes, and I mean really only occasionally, I feel like I have WAY too much gear.  I just had to get that out the way before I go on a rant about the wind and the plague of short bass and fluke and how the weathermen were totally wrong..

Sun set as we arrived, fly guys at the launch

     Steve and I went out the other day without too much of a plan and the wind really got in the way.  To quote Groucho Marx, our fishing on Wed early A.M. (overnight) in the sedges "ended with all of the abruptness of seven martinis on an empty stomach."  It was like that, your drunk with fishing happiness in fishing heaven.  In utter bliss.  There's nobody around.  The fish are feeding on top in the flats.  They're following your topwater plug all of the way to your kayak.  It's awesome.  Like being drunk at a party and you think everyone loves you, and you love them, and then it hits you.  The wind just turned on like a switch.  Then the rain.  Then more wind.   The forecast was for about 10 mph winds that night, but it was a steady 20.   Not gusting, steady.  It was also WAYYY colder than they said it would be.  THEN, I notice my radio is missing, AND my paddle is breaking in half.  I held it together just enough to make it back to the launch.
     We slept (or just laid there) in the truck for maybe an hour, then the sun came up and we packed up.  We tried a few other spots from land, and Steve managed to catch a decent sized Blue, but otherwise not much was happening.
     I couldn't let this trip live long in my memory, and felt like I had time to redeem it, and possibly find my radio.  My mistake was leaving my GPS at home.  I could have gone back to the exact spot where I think I dropped it.  Instead I had to guess.

the Osprey babies are fully grown

    So yesterday I was out there and caught a short Fluke right off the bat.  Then at what we are referring to as "the new Snake Ditch" I found the short bass.  After a couple of those I headed to where I thought I had dropped my radio, but couldn't find it.  Then I headed to Snake Ditch, where I was sure I would catch a keeper fluke.  I caught a short bass on the way in.   The wind and current were opposite each-other which made the drift impossible.  After a few attempts of drifting and casting for fluke, as the sun was setting, I headed for the flats in hopes of running into the feeding frenzy of earlier in the week.  But either it was too early in the evening, or the tide was wrong, because there was very little topwater activity.  I headed back.

Daytime Moon

Another sunset at Snake Ditch

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adirondack Album By: Steve Evans

    Summer retreats to the Saranac chain of lakes in the high peaks region of New York's Adirondack Park began with my family when I was a high schooler and have recurred with a nearly annual regularity for ten years or more. Observing a particularly fascinating function of memory: whenever I am back there and I, let's say, smell or taste something; smoky, or wet, or sharp, the sense recalls another time when I was there before, what mattered to me then, before, and the people that I knew and my thoughts and the events in the world at that time and so on. This comes bubbling up with all the smells and tastes so that now it is a place with deepening layers of time and feeling. How the passage of time lattices memories and sense and sentiment is a special faculty of human awareness and while it may be operating by small degrees all the time, time determines the value and the measure of it's potency so that for any one person such places as this which I am talking about are appropriately few and special. Here are some pictures from our latest visit.....