Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, this is an account of the second kayak trip Steve and I made in the past couple of months to the Delaware River near New Hope, PA. I'll try to make it brief, as that seems to be the way with this blog so far. It was our second trip to the delaware and the second time Steve flipped his kayak in the rapids of a wing dam. This time it was Scudder Falls. We thought there would be some Striped Bass spawning up there, but all we saw were some guys catching Shad, and a TON of Sturgeon jumping at sunset. So many Steve happened to snag one with a black bomber.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sedge, in the name of SCIENCE!

O.K., so according my fishing log,on 3/13/12 and 3/19/12 Steve and I fished the same area of the Sedge Islands in Barnegat Bay. This is where we do most of our fishing, and in the fall were doing really well there with eels. So, we want to find out when the Striped Bass show up in early spring in the same area. It's almost as though we have to ignore the fact that we like to catch fish, and just fish for a long time with all lure, in all phases of the tide, in light and in the dark, to prove that there are or are not fish at this spot. On 3/13/12 one theory was that there was no bait visible in the water, so why would there be fish. However on 3/19/12 there was plenty of small bait....

Some pic's from a couple of skunk trips..oh the places you'll go

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steve goes to Mozambique

Someone's having fun and it ain't me
I was going to go out in the Yak today to my favorite spot in the sedge islands, but with gusts up to 40mph I decided against it. looks like next Tuesday will be my first "Spring in the back" day.