Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mullica, By Alexi

   I went into this day with a really negative attitude.
  I had to deal with some bull-shit stress at work before leaving, and that's never any good.  Also, since the day before I was skunked, well, lets just say my positive vibes were on the negative side.  Steve, however, was pumped.  He bought more bloodworms, even though we had nearly two dozen, just because he predicted soooo many fish were going to be caught.
    It was our first time fishing this far up the Mullica River.  We pulled up to the launch site we presumed would be empty and found it full of trucks.  (It appeared as though the people there all knew each other.)
    Once on the water, we found a small rip in the current and positioned ourselves near it, and near another guy in a Jon boat.  He was hooking up with what looked perch, but from that distance could have also been small stripers.  I immediately switched to this funny perch rig I had from last year.  It had small gold hooks with little orange floats on it.  I really never imagined it working for anything I would ever do, but somehow, since I had heard all this talk of perch being at this spot, I threw it on.  Pretty soon I had this guy pictured to the left.

As the day progressed I managed to land a total of 5
Perch, (some pretty nice sized ones), and about 6 or 7 short stripers.  Mostly on my funny perch rig.  So, what about Steve?
     By some inexplainable twist of fate, for all of his positive energy at the beginning of the day, he managed to get the skunk.  There is no consoling the soul when the person next to you fishing with same tools is catching fish and you're not.  It's really as though a super-natural curse is upon you.
     When it's all said and done, we found a close to home, easy to launch, early spring fishing spot.
..THe End...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alexi, March 10th, 2013 (first spring trip)

     I tried a new spot.  Gravelling Point, Mullica River.  It was the incoming, and the current got stronger and stronger as I was there.  I was trolling a tube with bloodworm.  I also drifted a worm solo.  It felt good to be back on the kayak.  This trip was more of a "get my shit together" trip, than a "catch fish" trip.  Suffice it to say I accomplished neither.  

     However...............I would definitely be willing to return to this spot in April.  The water temperature is only 41, and that's just a degree or two too low for any striped bass activity.  I really liked some of the rips I found, and look forward to exploring this area in the future.  I wonder what it's like in the summer?  You never know, there could just be tons of boat traffic.
     Here we go!  It's good to be back in fishing/ blog mode.  More to come very soon!
     Cheers Y'all!