Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Do the stupid thing, by Alexi

"Do the stupid thing" it's a MOJO

 Last week's post left off with an air of hopefulness.   But now, as the season winds down, and I look at the weather forecast and see snow.  I resign myself to most likely not being able to break the 48" 36lb mark on striped bass in 2017.
   BUT, when you have a plan and it works, and you fish with friends and everyone catches, and maybe someone even flips their kayak in the surf but magically only loses a pair of shitty old pliers, that's a great trip!  Whether it was record breaking or not.

Perchman and KGB discuss which Sabbath record is the most metal

   KGB is in on this one.  Another 4AM trip.  It's dark until we reach the motor lodge.  Perchman is meeting us there, (between this trip and the last he's moved to Cape May Courthouse..woop!!!)  We stop at Murphy's so that I can get a heavier Mojo.  KGB can't do it.  I've been fishing, he hasn't .  I know what to expect, that the fish are deep, and the bunker pods are scarce.  I have a 6oz Mojo, I buy a 12.  Only Chartreuse anything ever.

   The surf is just slightly nasty, but Perchman and I punch through the waves with the confidence of the several surf launches we have behind us this season (it does get easier with practice.)  KGB takes quite a bit longer, but eventually meets us in the ocean.  There are birds working, probably on sand eels, and we chase them.  There are several boats out by now, and I can see that some are hooked up.  Eventually KGB and Perchman catch up to me, and the boats, and the birds, and we all catch fish in the 28-35" range.

Perchman with fish

   Of course, I had lent KGB my 6oz Mojo, so that he could catch a fish.

KGB's 35" Dinner Striper
For me, since this trip was about breaking a record, it was all catch and release.  I had three fish in total, all around 30".  Here's an underwater Mojo shot:

underwater Mojo.
I'm not saying it's over.  Today I'll finish up the rest of my smoked Striped Bass, tomorrow I'll fish...

the end