Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Almost exactly a year later," By Alexi

     It doesn't take much to get me to go fishing.  When Nick said he'd have some time this week, we coordinated our schedules and decided to head out Wednesday night for a Stone Harbor lights outing. We had done the same trip just about a year ago.  The plan is to go from light to light throwing small bass assassins at the fish attacking the bait drawn to the underwater lights.

alien lights

In keeping with last years events, Nick managed a 12" Weakfish.

"Crazy Eye"

We did something slightly different this year, we took a side trip around an island, just to see if there were some bigger fish feeding along the sod banks.  It took about  two hours to get around the island, and when it's already three in the morning that is a real commitment.  There was very little activity, and it might have even just been the splashes of schools of mullet.

As we returned to the lights there were even larger splashes than earlier.  With renewed hope we kept casting, and casting.  Until finally I said to Nick just before sunrise "I don't think you are going to catch that fish."

Nick casts to the lights

   All in all it was a good trip, even though all of the Bass (and the one Weakfish) we caught were VERY small, it felt good to be back there and also to explore the surrounding area a little.  There were definitely some larger fish under the lights, and some of the structure that we saw and heard but were un-able to hook up with.   So at least we are left with some sort of hope.  And who knows what fish are prowling around there come November?


We left the launch at 6 a.m. The sun was up, and Nick was determined to drive back to Philly, but I was encouraging him to pull over and rest.  And so we did fairly soon after hitting the highway.  At the rest area we both slept for about three hours, and awoke to a dead battery.  (Always remember to turn off your headlights if your too tired to drive.)  So I asked around and fairly quickly found a friendly person to give us a jump.   THEN, closer to Philly there was a driver all over the road, we passed him and he really looked strung out....In the rear view mirror he was bouncing off of the railguard.  I hope no one was hurt!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Variety is the spice of summer, By Alexi

     As the Sun sets and the moon rises, the flats behind the island of King Nummy come alive.  Summer stripers chase schools of baitfish crashing the surface.  I cast in that direction.  My line remains loose.  Minutes pass, and the headlamp comes out.  I blind cast, bait is everywhere, what's the point of casting at a bank?  After all, I'm on a flooded saltwater flat on a full moon night in Cape May County in August.  SPLASH.  (just keep working the plug) SPLASH.  (just keep working the plug) SPLASH (losing faith in this, but keep working the plug) SPLASH - and the line comes tight.  
    A heavier fish than earlier.  I know it's a bass, I see how fat it is.  A nice heavy bass, after a nice fight comes unbuttoned next to the boat.  A picture would have been nice, but I already have a few anyway...
sunset Jenkins Sound
My first Weakfish of the year.... yes it's a spike
black sea bass
First and smaller of 2 stripers