Thursday, July 26, 2018

Somewhat Annual Middle Lake Saranac camping/ fishing report, by Alexi

Martha Reben's Lean-To

 There is so much to say about this trip, but I will be brief:

 We reserved Tick Island on Weller Pond for one week in July.

Weller Pond looking toward Middle Saranac

Other sites at the same time were reserved, coordinated months in advance with friends and family and friends of friends from all walks of life.

There was a bear scare.

and a Bear
Barry by the fire

 and some pike
Whopper Plopper Pike
I had set a few fishing goals for myself.  A smallmouth and a Pike on the Whopper Plopper,

and any fish on a Rapalla Sliver.

I did not accomplish the latter.

Whopper Plopper Bass
The fishing was slow but steady for me.  On only one outing was I skunked, and I usually went out two or three times a day.  I had decided to try and use many of the same lures I was using in Louisiana for Redfish.  Well, that's what was around, and, at this point for fishing to be fun I need to fish topwater lures.  The Zara Spook JR, the redfish magic spinner bait (one gold spinner), and the Whopper Plopper were my "go-to" lures. In fact, besides these three, I only fished the small popper briefely, and the Rapalla Sliver (trolled whenever moving from point A to B) in addition to those. 

Redfish Magic Spinner bait pike
We don't use nets. 
Steve with one of many lost pike
The weather was picture perfect.  In prior years we have been on the lake, trying to cross it in storms, and it is not fun, especially when loaded down with gear.  I know it's hard to tell what's going on in the picture below, so I'll explain;  I am seated at thee stern of the canoe, Maisy the dog is at my feet, Wendy is on the bow.  Behind us is my Hobie fully loaded with gear and trash, about to be  towed and used as a trash barge.  We paddle for an hour and a half, slow but steady, across open water, to return to the truck.
Hobie as Trash Barge

The somewhat annual trips to the Adirondacks keep getting better year after year somehow. 
If you want to make eggs, and you forgot your spatula, there's plenty of wood around to carve one.