Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fishing With Nick

The main plan was to fish Great Bay,  catch snapper blues and live-line them for fluke. 

The back-up plan was to use a bucktail and gulp.

We had a window in the AM of relatively low winds. 
Fish Factory
 The snappers weren't at the launch, and I probably gave up too soon, but after about ten minutes of casting a snapper zapper at the banks, I switched to gulp and hooked into a sea-robin pretty quickly.

Sea Robin

The rest of the day was SLOWWWW.  I found some snappers in the main channel, but I think they were just a little too big.  Also, the water was really weedy.

After the incoming current picked up and the wind picked up, we headed back into the feeder creek.  
Summer Sedge Grasses

There we both had short Fluke, and the day was already getting long.

Nick and a fluke

Micro fluke

The ghost pulled up to the boat ramp as we were loading.  His stories were many.  He talked about fly fishing in PA, and Md, and his secret spots in the area.  He told us about his day recently of catching the "big 4."  (Striper, Blue, Weakfish, Fluke), and showed me his secret weapon lure.  As awesome as that sounded, I felt pretty good about just catching the big three; Sea Robin, Snapper blue, and short Fluke!

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