Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tangier Sound - Annual birthday (not) camping trip

 Due to a strange set of circumstances the annual Janes Island camping trip was converted into a family Air B-n-B rental situation in Chance, Md just spitting distance north of Deal Island. 
Tangier sound

I arrived a day ahead of the rest of the guests and sussed out the fishing situation.  One thing I noticed pretty quickly is that I wasn't getting any strikes on topwater lures, even though they had worked consistently just to the South at Janes Island previous years.  In an effort to come up with a consistent bite before I had to play the role kayak guide for family and friends I ventured off of the flats and into the creeks the second morning.  there I found what seemed to be an infinite supply of striped bass (rockfish locally) ranging from 10 inches into the low 20's.  They were all caught trolling a soft plastic bass assassin type lure.  Most of the fish were stacked up in schools in the holes that were in every bend of the creek.

 There were two days of fishing as a group.  Both trips were as follows: under the bridge, across the flat and into the creeks, then back out again.

Bridge/ flat/ creeks

Across the flat is where the speckled trout were hanging out. 

Speckled Sea Trout

 The first of those days I got really lucky and hooked into what is to date my biggest fish for the Tangier sound area.  I had also caught a keeper spec and a bluefish, Most people like to hold their fish out when taking pictures to make their fish look bigger, but it's always nice to have to do the opposite in my kayak because the fish too large, so I have to lean back to fit it into the frame.

31" Striper

The second day was also pretty epic, but more so in numbers.  Jon and Mike both caught innumerable short striped bass in the creeks.

Jon getting ready to troll

Mike chilling because he caught too many fish

Steve also did pretty well with a keeper bass the second day, and keeper white perch.  

That evening was a feast from the local waters: crabs, striped bass, bluefish, speckled trout, and perch were all on the menu!

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